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Decarga Gratis Curso Domestika - Diseño de personajes 3D: del dibujo al modelado

Give a new dimension to characters by creating your protagonist in Photoshop before giving it depth and volume with ZBrush and Maya

Portraying a character’s personality when rendering in 3D begins with imagination and a 2D sketch. Self-taught visual development artist Segun Samson is passionate about developing captivating characters that connect with their audiences. He has worked with numerous studios including Triggerfish Animation, Dreamcast Animation, and Sunrise Productions.

Discover how to create a unique character concept into readable 3D designs filled with appeal and personality. Build your 2D character in Photoshop, before learning how to block out, sculpt, and fully render your protagonist on ZBrush and Maya.

Meet Segun Samson and discover how he became a self-taught visual development artist specializing in character design. Learn about his art heroes and see how they’ve helped him develop his own artistic style.

Get familiar with the software for your final project before gathering references to create a mood board. Start sketching your character in Photoshop, add color and add details with Segun’s guidance.

Begin sculpting your character in ZBrush, starting with your first 3D blockout. See how to refine proportions and positions and block out accessories. Segun then shows you how to add color to your character and refine its pose, before exporting your file.

Import your character in Maya and work on the shaders for each element of your character. Set up the stage for your renders with lights and learn how to use HDRIs. Finish the course by refining the presentation of your character in Photoshop and adding the final details.

Temario del curso

U1 Introduction
U2 Creating the Character
U3 Sculpting the Character in ZBrush
U4 Setting up the Character in Maya
FP Final project

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